Project Prelim

It’s said that the integrity of a building comes from good foundations and that’s exactly what the preliminary planning and preparation stage lends to a successful project. ShopSpec Projects are here to provide you with all the best information so that you can make the right decisions and see your project realise its potential.

To assist you at this crucial stage we offer the following.

  • Design/Architect referrals – ShopSpec Projects have a network of proven and talented architects and designers who specialise in all areas of commercial and retail fitouts.  After more than 15 years in the industry, we can identify the strengths and experience that would be best suited for your project.
  • Budget Estimates – Once you have your design concept, it’s time to develop your budget. ShopSpec Projects can evaluate all the options and provide a complete budget for your consideration. A final quote is provided upon agreement of the  design and specifications.
  • Detailed Programme – To help you in your planning, ShopSpec Projects provide you with a ‘Project Gantt Chart’ showing you a realistic, time-bound programme that covers all facets of the design/approval and build process.

We are here to help you get the best in your investment, our preliminary advice and services are provided to you free of obligation and charge.  It is firmly our belief that the work put at the beginning will transpose to a successful outcome at completion.